Ala Moana Theme Updated to v2

Since Friday night is my "tick night" as my wife puts it (the keys of the iBook "tick" well into the night, hence the name…), I put aside some time to update my WordPress Ala Moana theme to v2. It incorporates all the similar changes that the recent Plane Jane update got, plus a couple other tweaks. You can go grab the new versions here if you like.

I’ve already started widgetizing both of the themes, so look for new releases that include that functionality soon.

  • Milos

    Hello Jimmi!

    Ala Moana is a really nice Template for WP! Do you provide any web-based solutions to/for students?

    Sorry: the URL was wrong: Don´t clear my post… :-) Please.

  • Jim Mitchell

    Hey Milos — What kind of web based solutions are you thinking/looking for? Get in touch using the contact form, and we can talk further.

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  • Sven Fischer

    Hi Jim,

    your Ala Moana Template looks verry fine. Can I use it? Is it free?

    Greetings from Germany

  • Jim Mitchell

    @Sven – It is free. Take it, change it, do what you like as long as you keep the “Ala Moana” attribution link in the footer. Read the GPL that comes with the archive for usage terms.