Abrupt Logout in Leopard 10.5.2

Okay this so totally sucks that I have to let the world know about it!

While in the middle of my work, Leopard 10.5.2 just logged me out on its own without any kind of warning. It didn’t let me save any open documents or anything — it just logged me out, and so totally hosed a FileMaker 6 file I was working on in the process that it can’t be recovered or anything. Thank god I have a back up — but DAMNIT Apple, you just cost me two hours worth of painfully tedious work on that file with this little inconvenience. I’m pissed in a very big way right now. Thank you so much.

First it was the external monitor debacle that bit me, now this! Has anyone else had this happen to them? How did you deal with it? Is there something I don’t know about going on here?

**[update]** It would seem the WindowServer crashing was the culprit according to my crash logs. It could be that there’s a tremendous memory leak in FileMaker 6 (a PPC application which has to run in Rosetta) windowing code. Unfortunately, I don’t have much choice here as the day job is unwilling to upgrade — other than developing FM6 solutions in Windows, which I may have to do now. At any rate, I’ve calmed down somewhat, but I’m still quite annoyed that I lost the 2 hours of work.


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    Hey! How’s it going? Sorry to hear about your problems. I ran the software update last week to 10.5.2 and guess what? It fried my logic board? How? I dont know!!! Right now, it’s in the shop behind replaced… :-(

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    Well, that sounds frustrating. Any chance you could present this issue, and the possibility of similar future issues, as a reason to upgrade? After all, they are three versions behind.

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    @James – Unfortunately, no. I’ve been fighting to migrate to FM7/8/9 for the past 3 years. The day job just doesn’t want to invest the money and time to migrate the huge 50+ file solution I’ve built to a newer version.

    They’ve instead decided to make it .NET based — which will probably take another 5-6 years to do based on the current speed of the project (though I could have migrated in a fraction of that time). Oh well, managers with MBA’s will always thwart the best solution…

  4. Dave says

    10.5.2 busted my FileMaker 6 network badly. I’ve been waiting for an upgrade from the vendor for several years… thanks Apple, thanks Filemaker. You guys need to get along better. Perhaps it is time to rewrite the app on a new database.

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    @Dave: Sure – there’s an update to FM6. It’s called FileMaker 9. ;) Seriously, I can guarantee we won’t see anything in that regards. FM6 was officially EOL’d two years (and major versions) ago.

    We are rewriting the solution – but in .NET (yuck). The only problem is it’s already taken a team of five people 2 years to do what I single-handedly did in 6 months in FM. There’s still a long way to go too – so the old FM6 system needs to run in tandem (and live sync) with the .NET solution.

    By the way… In case you weren’t aware, FileMaker is a subsidiary of Apple, though they don’t really make it known.

  6. Marc says

    This just happended to me this evening – lost 3 hours of work on a complex schematic. It looks like Leopard is a very poor quality release. My Mac crashed 6 times since 10.5.2. And 4 times from 10.2 up to 10.4.x. I run it 24/7 since then and it is loaded to the max with many apps…

  7. Ilgaz says

    At least on PPC/G5 (quad here) with Nvidia 6xxx series, there is already a huge memory leak in WindowManager which is triggered by any “progress bar” (native, Quartz) happening. Anything showing a live progress bar will lead to extra (huge) 40% CPU usage and 4-5x memory leak by Windowserver. It gets worse if progressbar is advancing fast.
    It is going on since 10.5.0 to this date (10.5.2 with all updates)
    Does that application have progress bar? Dock doesn’t like “show my progress on my icon” things too. Toast 8.x (latest 8.x) and RealPlayer 11 beta effected.
    I reported this to Apple of course (bugreporter.apple.com) and they said it is duplicate of bug 5607027 . Perhaps it would be better if you could produce same issue as a developer/admin and report it.