iPad iOS 6 Multi-Value Picklist Bug in Salesforce

If you access Salesforce.com using an iPad running iOS 6, here’s something you should be looking out for. If you don’t realize it’s happening, you could be badly tainting your data.


When selecting values from a multi-value picklist editing Salesforce.com records via browser on an iPad 2 or 3 running iOS 6, two values will automatically be selected when you have only selected one.

No matter which value you select in the list, the value just before it will also be selected. You won’t notice this when first selecting the value, but once you tap “Done” in the popup dialog, and tap back in to it, you’ll see two values selected.

I’ve contacted Salesforce Support, and they are aware of the issue, but do not have a solution for it yet. Their recommendation was to promote it on the Idea Exchange. Not really a solution to a known bug if you ask me.

So, be aware of this issue if your users are accessing Salesforce.com via iPad running iOS 6. It could help make your admin’s life a little easier.

Update: This is NOT a Salesforce bug. Rather, it’s an iOS 6 bug which has been thoroughly documented by Ryan Seddon.

Update 2: Even though this is an Apple iOS 6 bug, and even though Mobile Safari is not an “officially” supported browser by Salesforce, I received a phone call from Tier 3 support this morning letting me know it will be fixed in the Spring ’13 release due out in the next few weeks.

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