Salesforce1 App Developer Guide

With Salesforce1, if you’re a Salesforce developer, you’re now also a mobile developer. To help you on your journey of Salesforce1 development, check out the Salesforce1 App Developer Guide. This is the book that I worked on along with many other talented folks here at Salesforce.

via Developer Force Blog.

This is kind of old news if you attended Dreamforce 2013. But since I didn’t, I had a bit of a time tracking it down.

Once I’m through the 12 workbooks, this is the next book I plan to tackle.

My Professional Goals for 2014

As we move into the new year, and I look back on what I did & didn’t accomplish in 2013, the following list is what I plan to make happen in 2014. Some may say they sound a lot like resolutions. I prefer to call them professional goals, since resolutions are meant to be broken…

  1. Work through all of the workbooks by April 1. I posted this goal on Twitter, and it’s what got me thinking about all that I want to get done this year. Working through all 12 of the workbooks is a good way to refresh and reinforce some concepts I might have forgotten about.
  2. Post more to my blog. I spent a lot of time tweaking my WordPress theme in 2013 (we’re talking hours), and posted very little real content. That’s going to change. There’s a lot of good Salesforce information out there that gets overlooked. Look for more in the Linked List category along with plenty of original content.
  3. Get my Salesforce ADM 201 and DEV 401 certifications. I’m really close to this goal, but I’ll admit I need to buckle down and study the areas I’m still weak in. If I tested today, I’d probably fall just short of the minimum score allowed–which is still a fail. I want to test in the 90%+ range.
  4. Present a topic to my Salesforce user group. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten up in front of an audience to present, and it’s something I actually miss doing. I’m going to find a relevant topic and share it with the Orange County User Group in late summer.
  5. Attend Dreamforce 2014. This one is a maybe goal since my employer likely won’t foot the bill for it, which means I’ll have to fund it myself. Dreamforce is a little spendy, so this goal may have to get put off until 2015. We’ll see what happens here.

So there it is. These are the professional goals I plan to make happen in the next 365.2563666 days. The only way they won’t is if I choose to not work hard at them.

I plan to make 2014 a growth year. What are your goals to better yourself in the next 12 months?