Always Keep Them Guessing

Wife: The media’s making such a big deal over this new iPhone, saying there’s all kinds of trouble with it already–and they’ve not even released it.
Me: Nah, that’s just a bunch of lazy journalists quoting some hack named Enderly. The guy doesn’t really know what he’s talking about. I’d be willing to bet he’s somehow paid by Microsoft to generate bad press for Apple.
Wife: Oh… I suppose you’re going to want one of these, aren’t you?
Me: Huh? Oh. No, I’m good with the phone I have, thanks.

I think this morning was the first time in years that I left my better half speechless. I’ve always been such a ravenous fan of anything new by Apple (though I don’t always get to have it), that she was sure I’d be begging to be able to get one. Ha! Fooled her, didn’t I?

The truth is, I don’t really have an opinion about the iPhone one way or the other, and I can’t tell you why either. I’ve been trying to put my finger on it, but I just can’t. Could it be due to over-hype? Very likely. Or maybe it’s because I know it’d cost me way too much to have one by the time the dust settled? Very likely too.

Either way, I just don’t care. In fact, I’ll be quite happy once June 29th has come and gone. Once it does, there’ll be no more buzz marketing hype and we’ll finally get to see if the darned thing is really worth plunking down the equivalent of a monthly mortgage payment. That’s when I’ll make up my mind.

Nope. I’m still good with my Motorola SLVR/5G iPod combo. For now, anyway…

QuickTime Exploit Fix Released

QuickTime 7.1.5 Patches Panther, Tiger, XP, Vista Exploits

Apple has released a security update for QuickTime for Mac OS X 10.3.9 and later and Windows XP and Windows Vista. Version 7.1.5 for all affected platforms fixes a small host of flaws that allow maliciously crafted files to crash a program employing QuickTime or allow arbitrary code execution – a phrase that often means there’s a potential for an attacker to gain control of a computer or, at least, install malware.

A quick note to the masses: It’s time to fire up Software Update again. Apple has released a new version of QuickTime (7.1.5) that patches some serious holes for the various systems the software runs on. Details of what’s addressed in the fix can be perused in Apple KBase Article 305149. It’s a recommended update for all users.

And a subtle reminder: If you haven’t already installed the Daylight Savings Time Update, you’ve got less than a week to get it done.

Using Keychains With .Mac; Troubleshooting Issues

Using keychains with .Mac; troubleshooting keychain issues

You can use keychains with .Mac. This article applies to Mac OS X 10.4 or later and contains troubleshooting information that you can use if you encounter keychain issues.

Fresh on the heels of my last post about keychain troubles, Apple was good enough to release a far more detailed article on the topic. This is definitely one of those “Utility”1 bookmarks you want to keep in your browser. The article covers mostly troubles when syncing your keychains via .Mac, but it has some good points for troubleshooting none-the-less.

However, based on my past experiences syncing keychains with .Mac, there’s only one thing I can say about it — just don’t do it!

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  1. I like to keep a folder in my browser favorites named “Utility” where I store handy tidbit such as this. It’s a time saver when something goes wrong. 

Apple KBase Article: Resetting your keychain in OS X

Resetting your keychain in Mac OS X 10.3, 10.4

If Keychain First Aid finds an issue that it cannot repair, or if you do not know your keychain password, you may need to reset your keychain. (Resetting a keychain deletes a keychain reference while preserving the keychain file.)

Here’s a good Apple Knowledge Base article about resetting your login keychain to keep on hand in your browser favorites. The only thing I would add to it, which isn’t made clear; resetting your keychain in this manner will rename your old keychain to “login_renamed#.keychain” (where # is a number), which can be opened manually in Keychain Access again to copy digital certificates and other passwords to the new login.keychain — this is presuming, of course, that your old keychain is not so corrupt that it can’t be opened.

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Will Steve Jobs Let Mac OS Run on Intel Boxes?

Will Steve Jobs Let Mac OS Run on Intel Boxes

Now, it seems that the company that makes Parallels is working on an upgrade to the software that will let Windows users theoretically run Mac OS X side-by-side with Windows.

Hmmm. Could it happen after all? Maybe there’s a chance I wasn’t too far off the mark on the morning of the 2005 Developer Conference when I said Apple might consider opening up OS X to Windows users.

I bet if Apple allowed OS X to run on a Win box–even if it were emulated–it would entice some of those hold-outs who were tempted to switch when the Intel machines were released, but didn’t want to layout the big bucks for new hardware.

All purely speculative–but it could be interesting, no? Let me know what you think!

Resolve Startup Issues and Perform Disk Maintenance

Resolve startup issues and perform disk maintenance with Disk Utility and fsck

If your computer won’t start up normally, you may need to use a disk repair utility to fix the issue. Mac OS X includes two utilities for this—Disk Utility and fsck. You can also use these even when your computer starts just fine but you want to check the disk for possible file system issues…

A decent Apple Knowledge Base article which covers repairing your start up disk using either “fsck” or Disk Utility. Tiger users should note that Apple recommends using Disk Utility whenever possible instead of the “fsck” (Unix “file system check”) command for performing repairs and/or maintenance.