Salesforce1 App Developer Guide

With Salesforce1, if you’re a Salesforce developer, you’re now also a mobile developer. To help you on your journey of Salesforce1 development, check out the Salesforce1 App Developer Guide. This is the book that I worked on along with many other talented folks here at Salesforce.

via Developer Force Blog.

This is kind of old news if you attended Dreamforce 2013. But since I didn’t, I had a bit of a time tracking it down.

Once I’m through the 12 workbooks, this is the next book I plan to tackle.

iOS Multitasking Myths Debunked

There is one iOS “tip” that I keep hearing and it is wrong. Worse, I keep hearing it from supposedly authoritative sources. I have even heard it from the lips of Apple “Geniuses” in stores.

(Via Fraser Speirs.)

I know several people who think they have to kill all the apps that are listed in the iOS multitasking bar (like Android users have to do). Fraser tells them otherwise.

If your phone battery is draining quick, it’s more likely the culprit is a runaway process, and the only real thing that will fix it is shutting down your phone and restarting it after waiting a few minutes.

Watch For This Apple Billing Email Scam

Last week we warned that people be aware of potential Christmas scams, especially those involving Apple’s products as the company has become exceptionally popular in the past few years.

Via MacFixIt – CNET Reviews.

Just a quick reminder here, ALWAYS question emails you receive which mention ANYTHING about billing status or other personal information, and NEVER, EVER, EVER click a link in one of those messages. If in doubt, as the article says, browse to the company website by typing the URL yourself and log into your account from there.

Playing It Safe When Booting Up Mac OS X

Safe Boot is a special way to start when troubleshooting. Safe Mode is the state Mac OS X is in after a Safe Boot. To perform a Safe Boot, hold the Shift key immediately after your Mac starts up.

Safe Mode can be useful for troubleshooting. However, certain Mac OS X features do not work in Safe Mode.

Via Apple Support.

Continuing our theme of troubleshooting boot issues, this Apple support article explains exactly what “Safe Boot” is, how to do it, and what OS X features won’t work when you’ve started up using this method.