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Sharing Parent/Child Accounts Using a Single Sharing Rule

I received a request to temporarily share 300 child accounts under a single parent account with a second rep so he and the owner could work as a team to do a blitz on the schools within a single school district. Here’s what I did to make the magic happen quickly.

Salesforce Flows, Visualforce, and Record Context

I was asked to find a solution for our field reps that would simplify the process of adding a completed task to their activities when they visited one of our retail stores. The solution I came up with was a simple flow that limited users to a specific set of enterable information.

Making a Field Appear Required on a Visualforce Page

I’ve been working on a force.com app with the requirement a user enter a valid email address on a Visualforce page before being able to save, but they must also be allowed to insert the related contact’s email address by clicking a button instead of having to go find it. It seemed easy…