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How awesome to come back to work after Dreamforce and find this waiting for me on my desk. pic.twitter.com/wR8BjJrWhG

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Fantastic show by Fleetwood Mac for Dreamfest. My only regret is that pummicakes wasn’t with me for it. @ Oracle Park instagram.com/p/B5ORMj9BJDu/…

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Dreamforce. It’s more than just a party… pic.twitter.com/1EnO6Lt3wp


The Fil Lorenz Orchestra - big band jazz to kick off Dreamforce with our CSM friends. These guys swing it hard. pic.twitter.com/n4KJZ1l3OI


@jacobmweiss @Kwongerific @TheChrisDuarte Yay!!! I can sleep easy tonight. Glad you both could connect.

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@jacobmweiss @Kwongerific @TheChrisDuarte This has been like watching a high-speed car chase through downtown San Fran. Will they connect? News at 11… The suspense is killing me. 😧

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@jacobmweiss @Kwongerific @TheChrisDuarte Sadly, I am on shuttle back to hotel. Sorry to miss the adventure, though I do still have this memory from last year… pic.twitter.com/36R0597g9q

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@Kwongerific @jacobmweiss @Kwongerific, this young man is on fire for the platform and would love to meet you IRL. He’s a good guy. Make his day… C@jacobmweissss

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It’s a fire pit kind of night with my better half. pic.twitter.com/Db6PVT0qvB


It’s a fire pit kind of night with my better half. instagram.com/p/B48pmg8h0rqO…

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@mattnesci Dude… That’s just wrong. 🌬🥶

Meanwhile, in SoCal…pic.twitter.com/htiWmD7Ci17Ci1

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Lloydy3217 Hey Twitter. I need your help.

My wife starts chemo tomorrow and our amazing daughter wants to cut her hair off to show her support, she’s 11.

Please like and retweet the hell out of this to show her how many people think what she’s doing is amazing


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@dianemoore1965 We’ll see how the trial run goes this weekend. 😂

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Going to try my hand at smoking meat. Seasoning the new mini smoker for a trial run next weekend. Can’t decide between pork butt or brisket… Recommendationspic.twitter.com/PrroH8iu1717

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Love seeing live music with my partner in crime and soul mate. pic.twitter.com/gFnBKDbNGK

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It’s Your First Dreamforce. What Should You Expect? zpr.io/tpYCs

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My wife and I have been talking about booking a trip to Hawaii for the last 10 years. Today, we finally pulled the trigger on it.

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Are your Salesforce Support Lightning agents getting “sorry to interrupt” notices regarding Sneak Peek in Chat? If so, it’s a known issue, so go mark it as affecting your business too. Maybe we can expedite an early release. success.salesforce.com/issues_view?ti…

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Totally pumped to be speaking with Jeff Rosenthal at , sharing how @VIZIO transitioned to Service Cloud Lightning. Grab a coffee and come check out our Tuesday morning session: success.salesforce.com/sessions?event… pic.twitter.com/7QmScv2ifJ

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My first on-stage at Dreamforce: How To Transition To Service Cloud Lightning Featuring VIZIO. Bookmark the session if you’re interested in learning how we pulled it off. success.salesforce.com/sessions?event…

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Food for thought from this week…

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
There’s a lesson for growth in every success and failure.
Sometimes you’re simply where you’re supposed to be. Don’t fight it.

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Blazing trails at the Irvine, CA Developer User Group, learning about the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. pic.twitter.com/arKtTIlobD

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@trailhead Shooting for double Ranger by the end of 2019.

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@TheChrisDuarte Congrats! Wishing you many, many, many more years of wedded bliss.

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Dear community: Are any of you seeing “Sorry to Interrupt” errors in your Lightning Service Console, namely around the Chat channel? Have a long running case w/ support and hope to find others having the same troubles to rule out any code my team has developed. Thanks.

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Requisite concert selfie. I definitely married up. pic.twitter.com/30iSfDeYrL

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At the Hollywood Bowl to see The Who with my princess, who gave me the tix for my birthday. Yes, I’m a lucky man. pic.twitter.com/Huidy5cxsu

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@sfdc_paul I dunno… I do enjoy me some wrangling of rattlers. Helps me unwind from a typical day at the office.

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I’m attending the Irvine, CA Developers Group meeting on Oct. 22, 2019! Join me trailblazercommunitygroups.com/events/details…

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Hanging out at the Pacific Air Show with my better half. pic.twitter.com/3ycEyVANWZ

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Just passed the @salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant exam. All certification goals for 2019 have been met. Thanks to @mattnesci for holding me to my word and reminding me if it’s really important.

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Interestingly enough, the Salesforce API does not seem to like passwords that begin with an ampersand (e.g. “&”).

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