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@trailhead Thanks. Turned out to be a known service disruption, with perfect timing. All better now.

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Hey @trailhead team, I think I munged something w/ my Trailhead & Community logins. Trying to login and I’m getting the attached errors. Yes, lame me clicked the “connect to profile” on a totally different profile. Probably the cause… Fixable? Somewhere to submit a casepic.twitter.com/puM3uxgtNtNt

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Huge turnout for the Irvine, CA Global Gathering hosted by the local Admin, WIT and Developer groups last night. Lots of new and old faces in the crowd. Great job by @gabbalishus, @nickkiforce, @GuillermoPedron and @bkingsleycassis pic.twitter.com/FIUTgc1GQR

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So, yeah… This happened today. What a long, strange trip it’s beenpic.twitter.com/mISlcfIoojoj

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The stand hinge on my wife’s 2012 27” iMac broke after the Apple replacement plan ended (of course).

Found this solution as a cost effective fix. Recommend it if you’re in the same boat. Top quality molding & 100% works as advertised for under $25.


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Waiting for the parade to step off… Happy 4th all! pic.twitter.com/RNGlVcy0Fj

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Learning about the Jest testing framework for LWC at the Irvine, CA Developer Group meeting with @bkingsleycassis. pic.twitter.com/hpS2MhCUvk

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After much procrastination, I’m officially Advanced Admin certified. Next up, Service Cloud and then Sales Cloud Consultant certs. Thanks to @mattnesci for the kick in the pants.

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Just earned the Spring ’19 Release Highlights badge on @trailhead and you should too! trailhead.salesforce.com/content/learn/…

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dailystoic “Just that you do the right thing. The rest doesn’t matter.” Marcus Aurelius

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So… I’ll be at the Salesforce Basecamp for Service event in Newport Beach tomorrow as a Customer Panelist sharing how VIZIO is using Service Cloud, what we’ve learned from the past and what we’re looking forward to in the future. Who’s going to be theresalesforce.com/form/event/bas…YB

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Great turnout for the Irvine, CA Developer Group. We’re doing Chat Bots hands-on for this session. Thanks to @salesforce for helping us out with the content. pic.twitter.com/m3cZiaL9vw

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@mattnesci @dvdkliu Thanks, Matt. I read this myself Friday morning. The bar is set.

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Just discovered it’s possible to filter a list view by multiple tags in Things for Mac if you [command + click] on the Tags in the UI. Never saw this in the docs. Nice touch @culturedcode. pic.twitter.com/eghXbbEvbf

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Not quite a Tesla killer or replacement, but I’d for sure drive one of these for my daily commute..bloomberg.com/news/articles/…Tb

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The Irvine, CA Developer Group will be doing a Spring ’19 Release Notes Review for our February gathering.

Register to nerd out over new features if you’re in or around the SoCal Orange County area.


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@trailhead… I have a new team member who submitted a case to have community profile from former employer that he can’t access anymore migrated to a new personal community profile. Hasn’t heard anything back yet. Case #00038103.

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@annyhehe @bkingsleycassis Welcome aboard! We look forward to seeing wonderful magic from you during Developer Week too. 😀

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New blog post: AppleScript to Quickly Add Files in the macOS Finder bit.ly/2tRlz8J


New blog post: AppleScript to Toggle the macOS Desktop bit.ly/2tQEGA6


New blog post: Rebuilding the Apple Mail Envelope Index bit.ly/2BL4pQd


dailystoic “You always own the option of having no opinion. There is never any need to get worked up or to trouble your soul about things you can’t control. These things are not asking to be judged by you. Leave them alone.” Marcus Aurelius

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Team @trailhead… Wanted to pass on a compliment from a tota@salesforcece neophyte on my team. He thinks you guys have done an outstanding job and is blown away bad as a whole. Happy to say he’s a KoolAid drinking convert now. Keep up the great work! C@TheChrisDuartete

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@TheChrisDuarte @MelanieWachs @ThisIsTechChat @trailhead I must obtain a pair of these for the sheer awesome they represent. Is it possible or a @trailhead team perk only?

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Irvine, CA Administrator and Developer “Ohana Holiday Party” gathering in Newport Beach getting underway. Cc @GuillermoPedron @bkingsleycassis pic.twitter.com/1NXTxY49TU

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dailystoic “True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future, not to amuse ourselves with either hopes or fears but to rest satisfied with what we have, for he that is so wants nothing.” Seneca

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Thanks @SweetwaterSound for a fantastic buying experience all around. I’ll be back for sure..apic.twitter.com/CDdDRgpN9s9s

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Used a @quip document today to build a deployment plan with my developer who’s two timezones away. We have a full, step-by-step plan that even has a few code snippets to be copied & pasted. This product is the absolute bomb!

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So… I’ve managed to bamboozle my way into being a developer group co-leader. Doesn’t anybody check references for this kind of stuff? 🤣🤣🤣

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@trailhead Ah… That would most definitely be why. Not a problem at all, was more curious. Thanks for the prompt reply.

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Team @trailhead… Is there a reason why my Trailblazer Community profile only shows 100 badges, but my Trailhead profile shows 103? Deprecated badges on TC? Just curious… Thanpic.twitter.com/LOJ6bFxbqfxbqf

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Are any other @salesforce Admins seeing self-serve password resets by users come through as “expired 24 hours ago” or “already used” as soon as the user gets them (literally minutes after reset)? pic.twitter.com/WFc47AVgLV

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@MacManX On a side note to this thread, turning off font smoothing in General prefs made light text on dark background much easier to read for me today. 🤔

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@MacManX A dark environment is where I found it the hardest to use. I think it goes back to my early years of print design and the whole WYSIWYG paradigm. I just can’t make the mental break no matter how hard I try.

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