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Huntington Beach, California

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May 2010

Got to the beach and it was beautiful. 30 minutes later, we’re socked in with fog. http://myloc.me/7CsRt

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Dang… Wish I’d bought that 10K shares of AAPL I had the opportunity to grab when it was $13 a share. http://bit.ly/br4RMc

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I get such a crash when a product demo I’ve agonized over for days comes off smooth as silk, and the users are eager to start using it now.

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Hrmmm. Second time today I’ve see the when trying to update my Twitter avatar - though it gets updated okay.

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Just picked up a new 25” HP monitor. Been working at MBP screen size for so long, I’ve got more desktop area than I know what to do with.

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Post: Bogart WordPress Theme Updated http://bit.ly/9lZOwH

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@eastd a “Net 30, but we won’t pay ‘til you give us the master password to the file first” kind of jerk. What I get for helping a friend.

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The one thing I don’t like about running my own shop: Collecting from slow paying customers. How much of a jerk should I have to be?

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