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January 2012

Declined work, demanded written list of issues and took to my regular mechanic. Not one of them was necessary.

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Why I will never give my business to Toyota of Huntington Beach: Tried to bilk me for $800+ in additional “repairs” on a recall fix.

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First time I’ve been back, and only because of recall notice on my wife’s car. (at Toyota Of Huntington Beach) —path.com/p/1OIWtz0

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There’s little I hate more than being forced to add code for a half-baked business process to an app & then solve the bugs as they’re found.

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I’m at Mitchell HQ (Huntington Beach, Ca) 4sq.com/whc33k

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Finally back in the gym after a bout of flu and bronchitis. (@ Gold’s Gym) 4sq.com/xOjY0h

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Waylaid by the flu for last 5 days, even with yearly vaccination. Feel no better than last Thursday. Might be time to see doctor.

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Cleaning the grunge off the ride. (@ Fountain Valley Auto Spa) 4sq.com/zcCOvE

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Just completed my first review for the Theme Review Team. Learned tons fast. Looking forward to doing lots more.

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@markjaquith @Nick_theGeek yes, realized how lame that reply was AFTER posting… :/ Though far less oil is left behind than fingerprint.

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@Nick_theGeek @markjaquith I always use the knuckle of my index finger to input pin pad numbers. No finger print that way.

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iOS Multitasking Myths Debunked: jimm.us/uilKVf

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