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April 2012

If you’re a @Mailplane user, I’ve just updated my mailplane_clean css file for the new Gmail UI. jimm.us/JZoVx5

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Donation Tuesday. (at American Red Cross) —path.com/p/4CCeYXT

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Dev in office next to me at the day job has finally hit the frustration point all here eventually get to. Not sure she’s gonna make it thru.

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I’m slowly learning it’s okay to say no to some things… but the guilt of disappointing the asker still kills me when I do.

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@manek43509 @eastd You’re right. Strange. Had issues downloading Xcode in past too. Tried again later w/ success. Could be Apple servers?

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@manek43509 @eastd @YasuMac New download from Mac app store, or update? If update, trash old, download fresh. What app downloading?

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Why is it the last day in the office before a family vacation is always the hardest to focus…and then turns out to be one of the busiest?

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You know what I dislike more than a one-line “thanks” email? One that uses cheesy clip-art to convey it instead. pic.twitter.com/grA3U9ik

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