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June 2012

Mac\Book Pro back from repair. Runs noticeably faster than it did before & no panics. Cost me $325 (w/ tax), but totally worth the price.

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@danielpunkass Definitely nice Apple fixes covered stuff in-store. Think my MBP went to China since repair completed yesterday is the 28th.

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@danielpunkass OW. In store fix, or sent to China repair center? Hope I’m not going to “surprised” when mine comes back (return pending).

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@danielpunkass AST tested overnight - or so they say. Couldn’t reproduce, though I could. $310 is Apple’s “flat rate repair” fee.

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@danielpunkass Not all 2010 MBPs fail test in store (mine didn’t, tho logs proved it). Gave up arguing w/ “geniuses” & forked over the $310.

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Impressed that MBP repair is complete & will ship back to Apple store tonight. Hope black screen kernel panics are solved once and for all.

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Finally turned my finicky MBP over to Apple for repairs this weekend. Told will be back in 3-5 days. I wager it will take twice that long.

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Just found a box full of Jazz and Zip disks I packed in a box more than 10 years ago in the garage. Funny how that technology died out.

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Just did a 22 mile bike ride along beach & back. Awesome time, but my legs are questioning my sanity right about now.

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So very happy that a client project started more than two years ago (with lots of holds) has finally launched.

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@johncoppedge Thanks for the Crumpler link. The Skivvy bag is exactly what I was looking for.

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Movie with the youngest. Guy’s afternoon out. (@ AMC Theatres - Tustin 14 for The Avengers w/ 5 others) 4sq.com/LdSEDz

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I’m at Mitchell HQ (Huntington Beach, Ca) 4sq.com/LXrprO

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Cardio workout. Been away too long. (at Gold’s Gym) —path.com/p/sZp1yX

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