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October 2012

Just not my day it would seem. Now FileMaker server (5.5) decides to go belly-up, losing almost an hour’s worth of work for 100+ users.

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Naturally… The ONE day I need a change set to upload to ouce production org really quick, it’s taking its sweet time.

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Ew… Opened saved station in Slacker radio app and CA Gov Jerry Brown endorsed political ad plays. For some reason, I feel violated now…

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RedCross has alrdy caused many canceled blood drives-if you are not in storm’s path, pls consider donating. redcrossblood.org

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Derp. Sorry about that en Español retweet. That’s what happens when you don’t wear your eyeglasses when you should…

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We’ve managed to hit the Force.com API limit on our org this morning. I have a feeling today is not going to go well for me…

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Vote by mail ballots complete for both wife and myself. Thankful to live in a country that allows such a privilege.

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I have a reliable guage of when I’m stressed; my left eyelid starts twitching uncontrollably. Yep. I’m really, REALLY stressed right now…

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Ugh. Noisy cricket found its way into the bedroom last night. Couldn’t find the bugger to save my life. Lack of sleep making me über-punchy.

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Making a Field Appear Required on a Visualforce Page: jimm.us/T5KBeL

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Dropping $20 for @tweetbot? A total no-brainer, especially since I already have the iOS apps and @echofon is bailing on their desktop app.

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C’mon Broncos! Learn to handle the ball! No excuse for turn overs like those.

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WTH @Twitter? I KNOW I turned off ALL email notifications in my profile, but magically they’re all enabled when I checked today. What gives?

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