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Huntington Beach, California

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November 2012

Totally the kind of day for listening to the Chill Out Radio station on @pandora_radio. World, please go away for a little while. Thanks.

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Doh! So obvious, but never realized I could use more than one extension in a VisualForce page. That makes all the difference.

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Force.com Event Added After 10:00 PM Produces End Date Bug wp.me/p1ekQ0-GI

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@andymahood__c Thanks. That’s exactly what the solution is.

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Offered blues gig in Sacramento. Pays $100 a man. Travel & lodging to play one-hour set: $300. This is why west coast bands don’t survive.

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Is it possible to pass the current AccountId to a Flow variable via Custom Button (w/ flow url) added to Account page?

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Beginning to tire of the post-election conservative bashing. It’s over… Can we start playing for the same team again & just get stuff done?

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Picked up pair of these <amazon.com/dp/B0038W0K2U> for less than $30. Sound rivals the Monster Jamz I paid $100 for and stay in my ears better.

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