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January 2013

I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be/mJaX4ZpfULM?a Carry On Wayward Son - Maniacal 4 Trombone Quartet

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Using mass email wizard, is it possible to capture email recipient & body to corresponding activity or custom object?

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@Joy_SH Could have users BCC email to their Salesforce BCC email address when emailing contacts. Use regularly with great success.

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Epically stubbed my toe in the dark this morning. Sure I woke the neighbors when I hollered. The way it’s hurting now, it has to be broken.

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@AdeTheux Not really. The app is not scriptable and there’s no password storage in the keychain. Sorry.

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Received a call from Tier 3 support that the iOS multi-select with optgroups bug will be patched in Spring ’13. Nice!

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So, the Salesforce i/Pad bug I tweeted yesterday twitter.com/jimmitchell/st… is actually an iOS 6 bug openradar.appspot.com/12467517.

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Doing some conditional field highlighting in FileMaker 6 today. Ugh. I forgot how ugly this is. Too many extra fields to make one pretty.

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Salesforce iPad iOS 6 Multi-Value Picklist Bug wp.me/p1ekQ0-Ha

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Seeing a weird mult-select picklist bug on i/Pad iOS 6 in Safari where two list options get selected. Anyone else?

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