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May 2013

RT @MikeGerholdt And now your quote of the day- “Can I mass create like 300 tasks?” I’ve had this “feature” request too!

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@MacManXcom: Hey, “graphic designers”, shadowed white text on a white background is really really stupid.” So true.

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Oh man… The most awesome of awesome news was delivered to me today. Can’t give details just yet, but did I mention it’s really awesome?

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Is it wrong to choose the developer guide as reading material for a relaxing weekend away camping with the family?

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@salesforce Enabled the Improved Setup UI in my full sandbox, and fell in love with it immediately. Kudos to the team responsible for it.

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@Joeyqchan Yes, thank you. Do have that option enabled in production too. All the more reason to think it was missing in dev org.

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@Nick_Whitney @GeraldineGray Maybe I am losing my mind, or working w/ too many sandboxes & forget where I am. Thanks for replies.

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@Nick_Whitney @GeraldineGray have 1 add’l Salesforce u/l “test” user in dev org I swear I was able to login as via admin. cont…

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In developer orgs, I know I was able to login as another user under admin login a few days ago. Can’t now. Am I osing my mind?

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@dhoechst Found I had an existing trigger I could easily roll this into. Many thanks for getting me half way there!

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@dhoechst Interesting idea, but WhatId.Name isn’t exposed in field update WF for Tasks, unless I’m missing something?

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Is there a hack/trick that will allow for setting a dynamic task subject in a workflow? e.g. “Task for {!Account.Name}”

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I tried giving up caffeine completely last week, and did pretty well. I was even able to kick the soda habit… But…must…have…more…coffee.

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