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Huntington Beach, California

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September 2013

Had every intention to lay off gigging until after the first of the year, but band I subbed for last night is courting me now… Hmm.

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The i/Phone 5s leather cases are very nice, and fit a 5 perfectly too.

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For those of us who have no need for it, I just discovered the Newsstand app can be tucked away in a folder now.

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Absolutely love the simplicity of the new Simplenote app on iOS! Superb job @simplenoteapp. It’s exactly what I wanted it to be all along.

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@MikeGerholdt Have you considered a DCMA takedown notice? It’s bit of a hassle, but if you own the content, I’d say it’s worth fighting for.

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iTunes Radio may be just enough to pull me away from Pandora One paid subscription. But, that’s just a maybe at this point.

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I never realized just how cool the iOS6 animated Settings icon in Software Update was until I had to wait for to finish downloading.

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@eastd Been making my kid deal with a cracked i\Phone screen for last 2 months so I can upgrade today & give him my 4S.

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