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Huntington Beach, California

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December 2013

@Kwongerific That, sir, is why you wear the wizard hat, and I don’t — yet.L

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@Kwongerific Uninstall/reinstall on iOS removes all data on device so new passcode can be created. Not sure about Android though.

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Spending some quality time with the Force.com Toolkit for PHP this afternoon. This next project is going to be fun.

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Taking the kid to see The Hobbit and we are the first ones in the theater, even after buying snacks. That’s a first.

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For the record, Monday is not a good day to fast for afternoon blood tests. Missing my morning coffee in a very bad way right now.

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What gives @Twitterrific? A point rev & you no longer run on Mac OS 10.6.8? @Twitter app is the only option left for us laggers now.

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Anyone else having troubles with email sent out of NA7 org this morning not delivering?

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