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October 2014

Umm… Last tweet should have asked how LONG it’ll take, and the answer turned out to be “not very!” We have a refresh. Loading test data…

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Yes!!! Process Builder has been enabled in production org. Wonder how it’ll take to spin up a developer sandbox to begin playing with it…

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Getting Started With Communities ift.tt/1rThM3w


Is it just me, or does iOS app not really mark spam as spam on a self-hosted blog when you mark it as such using the app?

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Updated to Yosemite at work. iMac connected to employee wifi instead of company network & I couldn’t access any AD services.

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Passing Your Salesforce ADM 201 Certification Exam wp.me/p1ekQ0-11g

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This will get lost in the the @Dreamforce din, but I passed my ADM201 certification exam today. Thank you @icloudsf and @HalakConsulting!

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Wait a minute… I can’t print a simple text document in Sublime Text? For the price, you’d think that would be a featureck

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@icloudsf Couldn’t agree with @HalakConsulting more! Your guidance was awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your time with

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Giving Chatter Desktop one more shot, even though it requires Adobe AIR & Flash. Chances all 3 will be uninstalled by noon? Pretty high.

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