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April 2018

It’s disturbing that I’m beginning to see people try to make a buck selling “Salesforce Trailblazer” bundles on websites when Trailhead.com is all that’s really needed…and it’s free. Hopefully Salesforce shuts ‘em down for infringement soon.

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Hearts have been broken and offer accepted with @BuanConsulting as a Sr. Salesforce Consultant. I’m finally moving out of the corporate gig and into the managed services space. I’ve never felt this good about a job move before…

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(A personal favorite)

So this really, really cool thing happened today… But I can’t share until I ruin a few people’s weekend tomorrow.

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“The Internet Apologies…” A good readnymag.com/selectall/2018…xe

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@stevemuench Yes, for DF’18. Per our AE, this is the “pre-purchase” cost if we go through them.

Threw the tweet out there for others who might be in the same boat as a reminder.

I fear I may have caused a panic now though… 😟

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A little birdie told me this morning that the cost for Dreamforce goes up on 4/16. If you plan to go, now’s the time to lock in the better price…

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Marketing Cloud dev org idea on Success Community. For my own selfish reasons, please upvote this one: success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08…

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@asksalesforce No worries. I found it more humorous than anything else. Unfortunately, I’ve already trashed the email so can’t provide you the AE name, but if I get another, I will.

Nice use of Social Studio, BTW…

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Just earned the Salesforce CPQ Basics badge on @trailhead and you should too! trailhead.salesforce.com/modules/sf_cpq…

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Ha… Just got an email from a Salesforce AE greeting me by name as “ClosedWon.”

Maybe said AE needs a good admin to help him set up his email template correctly?

I know a few people…

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Improve Your Org with Salesforce Optimizer youtube.com/watch?v=n36uYw…