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Huntington Beach, California

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August 2018

My reward for teaching my wife how to play backgammon while camping? She soundly pummels me before I can get all my checkers into my home board.

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@SalesforceAmy @f_lowercase There was a time the mothership capitalized the “F” believe it or not… Drives me nuts to see users use it now. Have been considering making it the very first slide in all of my training decksaseF

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@MusicStuffnMore Yeah. I live in HB and the plume extends north towards LA as far as I can see.

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The sky over Irvine from the as I left the office this afternoon. pic.twitter.com/AnmkZS4VU9

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@Mailplane Thank you SO much for bringing back custom CSS in Mailplane 4.0.2. I was sad when it wasn’t there after upgrading from v3, but you’ve made my night with this latest release.

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Do at least one thing today that both puts you outside of your comfort zone and makes people wonder if you’re a little bit nuts. If you feel any level of liberation by doing it, make it into a daily habit.

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@SalesforceU A community user is seeing in her Webassessor login that Advanced Admin exam retake cost is $200. KB article on Certification site shows just $100. Which is true? Has retake cost gone up? Cc @AundreaKoley


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