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October 2018

So… I’ve managed to bamboozle my way into being a developer group co-leader. Doesn’t anybody check references for this kind of stuff? 🤣🤣🤣

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@trailhead Ah… That would most definitely be why. Not a problem at all, was more curious. Thanks for the prompt reply.

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Team @trailhead… Is there a reason why my Trailblazer Community profile only shows 100 badges, but my Trailhead profile shows 103? Deprecated badges on TC? Just curious… Thanpic.twitter.com/LOJ6bFxbqfxbqf

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Are any other @salesforce Admins seeing self-serve password resets by users come through as “expired 24 hours ago” or “already used” as soon as the user gets them (literally minutes after reset)? pic.twitter.com/WFc47AVgLV

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@MacManX On a side note to this thread, turning off font smoothing in General prefs made light text on dark background much easier to read for me today. 🤔

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@MacManX A dark environment is where I found it the hardest to use. I think it goes back to my early years of print design and the whole WYSIWYG paradigm. I just can’t make the mental break no matter how hard I try.

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I’ve tried to like the dark mode of macOS Mojave, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Maybe I’ve been a Mac user too long or have an aversion to reading light text on dark backgrounds. I don’t know. Great if you like it. Just not for me.

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