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September 2019

Just passed the @salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant exam. All certification goals for 2019 have been met. Thanks to @mattnesci for holding me to my word and reminding me if it’s really important.

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Interestingly enough, the Salesforce API does not seem to like passwords that begin with an ampersand (e.g. “&”).

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I think I may have to try this the next time I travel somewhere new.

Travel without a phone to be in the moment sivers.org/tp1

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@rrenn Cool! Side hobbies can turn into careers. Hope it does for you. Shot this last year on the return to port after my wife and I cruised on the Inspiration for our 25th anniversary.

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@demariamike My reasoning for obscuring the credential Id is to make it just a little bit harder for someone who’d want to use any cert image I posted as their own. Kind of like a SSN in a way.

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Orange County Costal Clean Up Day at Crystal Cove state Park with members of the local Salesforce User Groups. Thanks to all who came out and picked up trash on the beach. Wish I had snapped a pic of our volunteers together. pic.twitter.com/fVDyn3IrqY

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@MacManX 🤯 Well I totally missed this one (though I haven’t caught up on my RSS feeds today). This is totally awesome news. Congrats to the @WordPress team and @photomatt! Two of my favorite platforms working together for good.

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@MacManX Inner psychopaths wanting to rage, or people spelling a product name without thinking? Kind of half and half I’d say. 😕

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Every time I see someone spell Salesforce with a capital “F”, my inner psychopath wants to grab them by the shoulders and violently shake them until they learn to spell it right… 😈

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@GovMikeHuckabee The sheer stupidity of your remark baffles me. Do you really practice the faith you profess? I doubt it. You’re just another
@GOP sellout.

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@teamtinsley You can do it! Keep plugging away and then suddenly you find you’ve gone 10x farther than you thought you had.

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Just passed the Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant exam. One step closer to my plan of world domination. 🎉🎉🎉

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Watched the movie Fed Up on Amazon last night. It made me keenly aware just how much sugar I consume in a day. 🤯 en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fed_Up_(f…

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