During the pandemic, I grew a pretty decent beard1, but shaved it off in a moment of weakness. Naturally, I immediately regretted doing it. I’ve decided to start a new beard with the goal of growing it for one full year – hence “Project Yeard.”

Scroll down to see monthly progress.

Month 0 - October 2023

Unfortunately, I don’t have a starting picture for the project. I sort of just decided to start when I was about two weeks in on growth. Trust me, you’re not missing anything by seeing me with a clean shave…

Month 1 - November 2023

The Yeard Project - Month 1

Roughly one month of growth. A little patchy here and there, but a decent start... All subsequent pics will be taken and posted on the first of the month.

  1. My current avatar is from the pandemic until I catch up to it again. ↩︎