Box of Marbles


I was talking about relationships with my wife the other morning, and was struck by the idea a relationship is like a game of trying to keep a box of marbles full between two people. We all know people who take from our box and never give back. Some of us will do anything to please a person like that.

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Salesforce 4-Digit Year Validation


I had an ask from the business for users to enter a 4-digit year into a text field for a project I’m working on. The key challenge with using a text field for a 4-digit year value is that users can enter text too. This is easily overcome with a validation rule that contains a REGEX expression.

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Saying No


Saying no can be one of the hardest things. No to that exciting project. No to the volunteer thing in the community or at church. No to an extra helping at dinner. No to bad habits we’ve carried around with us all our lives. There’s good in saying no.

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I’ve been reflecting on life a lot lately. There are areas I’ve neglected, while putting too much effort into others. I’ve let important relationships with family and friends suffer, and wasted time on those that have little meaning apart from winning a brass ring.

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Remove WordPress Emoji


One of the reasons for having a really minimalist WordPress theme is it being as light-weight as it can possibly be. Nothing should be output to the viewer’s web browser that doesn’t serve a useful purpose. This code snippet removes everything Emoji related in your theme.

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