Mailplane 3 Minimalist CSS

Due to an onslaught of spam that my hosting provider just can’t seem to get a handle on lately, I’m back to using Google Apps for email with my domain, and that means I’m back to using Mailplane as my app of choice to handle working with email messages.

In my opinion, the Gmail interface is a little bloated and busy, so I had to make it a little simpler and remove the clutter.

Below is the link to a Github Gist of the CSS I’m using to make my Mailplane 3 Gmail really minimalist. If you’re looking to pare down the Gmail UI in Mailplane, give it a try. Any customizations beyond what I’ve already done is up to you.

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Salesforce1 App Developer Guide

With Salesforce1, if you’re a Salesforce developer, you’re now also a mobile developer. To help you on your journey of Salesforce1 development, check out the Salesforce1 App Developer Guide. This is the book that I worked on along with many other talented folks here at Salesforce.

via Developer Force Blog.

This is kind of old news if you attended Dreamforce 2013. But since I didn’t, I had a bit of a time tracking it down.

Once I’m through the 12 workbooks, this is the next book I plan to tackle.