Jim Mitchell

Saying No

Saying no can be one of the hardest things. No to that exciting project. No to the volunteer thing in the community or at church. No to an extra helping at dinner. No to bad habits we’ve carried around with us all our lives. But there’s good in saying no…


I’ve been reflecting on life a lot lately. There are areas I’ve neglected, while putting too much effort into others. I’ve let important relationships with family and friends suffer, and wasted time on those that have little meaning apart from winning a brass ring.

Remove WordPress Emoji

One of the reasons for having a really minimalist WordPress theme is it being as light-weight as it can possibly be. Nothing should be output to the viewer’s web browser that doesn’t serve a useful purpose. This code snippet removes everything Emoji related in your theme.

Prevent Campaign Member Deletion

One of the things I don’t like about the Salesforce Campaign/Campaign Member hierarchy is even though a user is granted Read Only permission on the Campaign object, they can still delete any Campaign Member for Leads or Contacts they have Read/Write access to.

AppleScript to Compress Files and Folders

I had the need to be able to select several folders at once in the Mac OS Finder and zip them up as individual archives. This AppleScript was the solution I ended up with. The script compresses each item selected into its own archive, and works on both folders and files.

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