Security – Who Sees What Series

When I was a new admin, struggling on my own to figure out the ins and outs of the platform, one of the topics that vexed me the most was record and object security. It took me a long time before I fully understood "who sees what" in Salesforce.

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Salesforce Flows, Visualforce, and Record Context

The other day, I was asked to find a solution for our field reps that would simplify the process of adding a completed task to their activities when they visited one of our retail stores. We keep our retail locations in as contacts under a master account, which is shared with all users […]

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Mailplane 3 Minimalist CSS

Due to an onslaught of spam that my hosting provider just can’t seem to get a handle on lately, I’m back to using Google Apps for email with my domain, and that means I’m back to using Mailplane as my app of choice to handle working with email messages.

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A Must Have Chrome Extension for Salesforce Schema Builder

If you work with the schema builder at all and use Chrome as your browser of choice, then this extension is a must have tool. It will toggle the Salesforce header in the Schema Builder and give you back almost 2 inches of screen real estate.

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iMac (Late 2013): Understanding the first startup cycle

Via Apple Support: After you press the power button on the back of an iMac (Late 2013), the computer might appear to not start up.

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