• And… I changed my mind again. I don’t use social media enough and with the choices being made at Twitter, it’s not worth having the accounts. Everything deleted as of last night. LinkedIn put in hibernation mode because I may need it again in the future.

  • So, yeah… I asked myself; why the heck should I dump all of my social media? Does it really make a difference? The only one who gets hurt by it is me losing the connections I’ve built over the past 15 years. I’m only sticking with one Instagram account now though.

  • That’s it. Twitter has been deactivated. All social media is gone, save LinkedIn, which I can get back into when I need to. I feel like a weight has been lifted.

  • I’ve deleted Facebook, four Instagram accounts, put LinkedIn into hibernation and requested an archive of my Twitter data so I can delete that. Just waiting for the archive to be available now. Wondering if the team who managed archives got fired too and whether I’ll ever get my data back…

  • Final decision made: I’m quitting ALL social media over the the next month. It’s just not worth wading through the garbage that those platforms have become. I’m going back to the platform I loved from the start – my personal blog.

  • Should I be surprised that someone waited until an hour before leaving for a holiday weekend to come to me with a problem that someone else caused, and that someone else happens to out of office on their own vacation? Nah…

  • Going to do a Twitter sabbatical for a while. It’s been almost a year and a half since I last tweeted anyway, so will just keep it going for now. Taking a wait and see attitude.

  • Really struggling with whether I should remain on Twitter or not. It’s a useful tool, but then there’s a tool that’s running it now…

  • iPhone Minimal Dockless Wallpaper for iOS

    As someone who ascribes to a minimalist mindset and hates superfluous design, it’s always bugged me that Apple feels iOS needs a dock outline for icons at the bottom of the home screen.

    With the four icons I choose to keep on my home screen, I find it visually distracting to have an outline around them. So, I decided to make a minimal iPhone and iPad wallpaper that will cancel out the dock when using iOS dark mode, which is my preferred mode.

    This is what my iOS 16 minimalist setup looks like for lock and home screens:

    iOS 16 Screenshots

    I use the lock screen widgets for Fantastical and Things to add an event or task quickly, which has been very handy.

    If you’re running iOS 16 and like the look of my setup, you can download the wallpaper, add it to your photos and then set as your wallpaper. Just keep in mind you need to be running dark mode on your iOS device.