About Me

I’ve been blogging here since early 2004. The site has gone through many stylistic changes since launching it way back then. In 2014, I “decluttered” all of the irrelevant content, leaving just the posts that received the most traffic. Then I chose to start over with a focus on writing about living a simpler, more meaningful life.

Right Now

I’m located in beautiful Huntington Beach, California, a.k.a. “Surf City, USA,” focused on the following…

  • Studying for the Salesforce Advanced Administrator certification exam.
  • Being healthier. Getting more outdoor exercise, eating less crappy food.
  • Spending as much time as I can with the family.
  • Posting more to the site.

Aside from the day job, these are my priorities. I say no to everything else.


I started my career as a graphic design artist, much like a lot of other Mac users did.

My love for all things Apple began with a road-worn Mac SE/30. It was during those early years using PageMaker, Freehand and Photoshop that I learned the importance of keeping a computer system in tip-top shape.

This eventually led me to create the simple Mac OS X utility Yasu in 2002, which is short for “Yet another system utility.” If you’re looking to download the latest version that works with your macOS, visit the Yasu for Mac site.


I’m a Salesforce certified Administrator and Platform Developer, as well as a certified ScrumMaster. Other nerdy experience includes FileMaker Pro, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and just enough Java to make me dangerous to my peers. I can even still get decent results out of Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop when I have to.

I currently work as a Business System Solution Architect at VIZIO, Inc. where I guide their Salesforce initiatives. Since this is my personal site, all thoughts and ideas expressed here are strictly my own and in no way reflect those of my employer.

I’m fortunate enough to have found and married an awesome woman that I’d be completely lost without and I have some pretty neat kids because of it. In my spare time I like to write code, spend time with the family, play music and enjoy anything that gets me outdoors on a hiking trail.

Thanks for taking the time to visit.

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