Jim Mitchell

Eliminating Digital Distractions

Life is so full of distractions. It seems everything is vying for our attention in one way or another these days, with most of it coming from our electronic gadgets.

If you take time to look up from your own phone for a few minutes, you’ll find a sea of humanity with faces buried in their device.

It’s painful to watch.

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Saying No

Saying no can be one of the hardest things. No to an exciting new project. No to a volunteer opportunity in the community or at church. No to the extra helping of food at a meal. No to bad habits we’ve carried around with us all our lives. It takes a lot of work to say no. But in the end, the good that comes out of it far outweighs the bad we leave behind.

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Spin Cycle

We move from one thing to the next and then another in search of a quick thrill, because we’ve become instant gratification junkies. What if, instead, we intentionally slowed our lives down? What if we deliberately chose to look at the world in wonder like we did when we were young? What if we took time out to play like we did when we were children? What if we stopped to listen to what’s going on inside instead of burying our faces in smart devices that make us dumb?

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