Jim Mitchell

Eliminating Digital Distractions

Life is so full of distractions. It seems everything is vying for our attention in one way or another these days, with most of it coming from our electronic gadgets.

If you take time to look up from your phone for a few minutes, you’ll find a sea of humanity who has their face buried in their own phone. It’s painful to watch.

Personally, I’ve come to a point where I’ve had it with the digital distractions in my life, so this is what I’ve done about it.

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Saying No

Saying no can be one of the hardest things to do.

No to an exciting new project. No to a volunteer opportunity in the community or at church. No to the extra helping of food at a meal. No to bad habits we’ve carried around with us all our lives.

It takes a lot of work to say no. But in the end, the good that comes out of it far outweighs the bad we leave behind.

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Spin Cycle

Things that were new and exciting one day eventually become dull and boring the next. The pursuit of shiny objects and interesting paths quickly fall by the wayside before you realize it. We move from one thing to the next and then another in search of a quick thrill, because we’ve become instant gratification junkies.

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AppleScript to Compress Files and Folders

I had the need to select several folders at once in the Mac OS Finder and zip them up as individual archives. This AppleScript to compress files and folders was the solution I came up with. The script compresses each item selected into its own archive, and works with both folders and files. tell application

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Top Chrome Extensions Every Salesforce Admin Needs

Most Salesforce admins have a list of favorite Google Chrome extensions they use to make their work just a little easier. Since I’m all about being as productive as I can possibly be, these are my top picks of the ones I regularly use to add just a tiny bit of time back into my day.

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