Yeah… I checked out Threads. And yeah… I’m done with that one already. I think is still the right platform for me.

📷 Our 23rd year in Surf City, USA…

Huntington Beach 4th of July parade banner.

Ooh… I just had a brilliant idea for my Tinylytics for plug-in that will save users from having to hack any html and should (in theory) work on any theme. More to come soon…

Tinylytics for Updated to 1.0.6

Fresh on the heels of new updates, my Tinylytics for plug-in has been updated to take advantage of the new Kudos feature introduced in the latest release. If you look at your installed site plug-ins, you should see an update available as 1.0.6. This release adds a checkbox to show Kudos along with the ability to set a custom label. See the project README on Github for more information.

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Teaser alert… Updates coming for the Tinylytics for plugin this weekend that adds features for Tinylytics paid account users. It’s a party.

Okay… So I’ve aliased my ActivityPub username back to my Mastodon account for the time being. Having the feed in is really cool, but I felt I was missing something. I may change my mind again though… I’m so fickle sometimes.

Sometimes it’s a curse being a perfectionist living among the imperfectionists…

New Plugin: Tinylytics for

I published my very first plugin today: Tinylytics for You can find it in the plugin directory. If you’re using Vincent Ritter’s awesome web analytics platform Tinylytics, this plugin is for you. Rather than copying and pasting a line of Javascript, you simply enter your unique site id which can be copied from your site page once the plugin is installed. There’s an option to toggle the “Display Hits” option too.

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📷 A friendly lizard.

a lizard on a stick

📷 Laguna Coast Wilderness Park.

view of the Laguna mountains

Today’s “the more I learn about” post… Both the iOS and Mac desktop apps work like any other Mastodon client. Follow anyone in the Fediverse you want; their posts magically show up in your timeline, with the added bonus of using your domain with your Fediverse username if you have one.

Came up with a couple of ideas for useful plug-ins this morning. More to come soon…

Lesson learned: Do not alias a Mastodon instance username to your Mastodon-compatible username and then decide to change it back. You will lose your original Mastodon instance followers, though you will keep your followers…

📷 Sunrise over Terminal Island.

Sunrise over Terminal Island

Going to try to wrap my head around Hugo themes today. I get the gist of it, but after 20+ years of WordPress theming, the logic is just a little different. Any good references appreciated. My brain is not as pliable as it once was.

I’ve yet to start playing with the macOS Sonoma beta, but in my Apple fanboy opinion, the default desktop wallpapers are some of the best Apple has produced in the past several releases.

I try to diligently plan the tasks I want to get done each day, but there’s always a fire that has to be put out, pushing the planned tasks to the next day - until they become fires of their own.

Tomorrow is a new chance. I’ll just keep telling myself that…

Upped my plan to the premium level over the weekend. Great to have the newsletter option now. Mulling some potential topics for a regular Microcast as well.

📷 Across the Irvine valley.

Across the valley

Purchased a license for Shottr, a macOS screenshot tool, based on a discussion thread I stumbled on and it’s probably the best $4 I’ve spent in a year. Normally it would be $8, but took advantage of the first week coupon code.

📷 Remembering those who gave it all for our freedom.

Memorial Day remembrance ceremony.

📷 HB Northside Lineup.

HB Northside Surf Lineup

If you have multiple domains you’d like to redirect to your domain (or any domain for that matter), and know how to manage your own DNS records, I highly recommend using as a redirect solution.

📷 Blooming cactus.

Blooming cactus

I’m struggling whether I should stick with as an additional platform at my domain. It’s great and has a nice community, but I keep coming back to one blog to rule them all – this one. Hopefully I can make a decision by the end of the long weekend.