A list of different personal projects I’m currently putting effort into:

  • Tinylytics for Micro.blog – The Micro.blog plugin companion to the very awesome Tinylytics platform by @Vincent, this plugin enables all the features without having to modify your theme too much.

  • Consider This – A microcast about what I think are common sense topics that should be considered. New episodes coming soon.

  • Project Yeard – During the pandemic, I grew a pretty decent beard, but shaved it off in a moment of weakness. I immediately regretted my decision. I’ve decided to start a new beard with the goal of growing it for one full year – hence the term “Project Yeard.” Progress will be posted on the project page monthly.

  • Tinylytics for WordPress – This project is just getting started, so there’s no code to link to. If you’re a WordPress user and would like to help test, get in touch using the method in the footer below.

More projects coming. Eventually…