Hot on the heels of uptime monitoring on Tinylytics, I’m stoked to share that my Tinylytics for Micro.blog plug-in has been released as a 2.1 version to take advantage of it.

This release adds the following:

  1. The ability to use a Hugo shortcode to add a Page View Counter in a post without changing any site template files. This will display the actual views of a single post, rather than overall hits -- which can still be shown as a footer embed.
  2. The ability to show your site uptime embedded in the global custom footer of your Micro.blog site without changing any site template files.

Note: Uptime monitoring is a paid feature of Tinylytics. You'll need to have a paid account for uptime stats to show via this plugin.

You should see a new version available in your site plug-ins area soon.

For more details about using the plug-in, see the README on the Github project page.

If you have any other questions or find a bug, contact me through any of the methods in my site footer below.